WordPress Upgrades

Upgrading WordPress and Plugins

When we build your website we almost always use the latest version of WordPress and the plugins we install will also be the latest versions. But over time you will notice new versions of WordPress will become available, as will new versions of the plugins used on your website. Should you upgrade? What will happen […]

Premium WordPress Themes

New Premium Website Themes

There have been a few new and quite excellent Premium WordPress Themes added to our armoury over the last month or so. If you want a new website that looks exceptionally cool and works wonderfully well, or if you want to give your existing website a facelift, now could be a good time to dive […]

How to Manage your Website Home Page

How To Modify Your Home Page

In the past a WordPress home page was just like any other page. You gave it a title and added text and images through the standard text editor, along with various bits and pieces in one or two sidebars and a footer. To create and modify this home page was relatively easy. You just went […]

How to Select Post and Page Titles

Constructing Post and Page Titles

If you click in the URL field at the top of your browser you will see that this Post has the URL http://www.tropicaljuice.com.au/constructing-post-and-page-titles. Note that WordPress automatically appends the title of the Post to the domain name to create a new URL. It’s important to understand why this URL is important to Google and, more […]

Google Analytics

Google Analytics For Website Owners

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google that tells you everything you need to know about visitors to your website – what page they landed on to enter your website, what page they exited the website from, how long they spent on the site and so on. It’s a great way of seeing […]

Basic SEO for Website Owners

Basic SEO For Website Owners

The number of ways a business can reach potential customers through the internet is very different now to the way it was even just five years ago. Social media and third party industry portals such as Stayz and Airbnb have created multiple channels that business owners can use to reach and engage directly with their […]

Using Social Media on your Website

Using Social Media On Your Website

Websites are a great way of presenting a lot of information about your products or services to potential customers in a well structured format that allows visitors to your website to find the information they want quickly and easily. The main menu normally allows a visitor to get what they want with one click and […]

Managing WordPress Images

Managing Images on Your WordPress Website

Managing images on any website can be a bit tricky. Images reside in ‘containers’ on your website and different parts of your website will have different size containers. So a photo you want to use on a Home Page slider will go into a container that is a different size to the container on a […]

How to Manage Website Content

Website Content and SEO

One of the most important aspects of managing your new website is making sure that the content of the website – free form text inside pages, posts and widgets, as well as images – is done with Google in mind. Googles ranking algorithm, the magic black box that determines where a website is placed on […]

Website Sidebars

Website Sidebars & How To Use Them

Sidebars are the relatively narrow columns down the left or right hand sides of a website page (and sometimes both sides of the page). Most websites will use Sidebars to add visual interest to the website pages and to display information that is relevant to particular parts of the website. They are very similar to […]

What Are WordPress Plugins

About WordPress Plugins

There are literally tens of thousands of plugins available for your WordPress website and, to cite an even more impressive statistic, there have been over one biiillion (little pinky in side of mouth) downloads of these plugins. Good to know, but what exactly are WordPress Plugins? When WordPress was originally developed in the early ’00’s […]

The Importance of WordPress Widgets

The Importance of WordPress Widgets

Widgets are like moveable blocks that can be placed in various parts of your website to add custom content or functionality. They were created to give¬†website owners some flexibility to tailor their sites to their specific needs. Access the widgets page in Appearance>Widgets. (Note that this is the only place in your website that you […]

How To Use WordPress Menus

How To Manage WordPress Menus

Menus are quite possibly the most important structural element of your website. They provide the framework that can make your website easy or difficult to navigate so it’s important to have the right elements on your menu to keep visitors at your website for as long as possible. A couple of things to know first […]

What Is a WordPress Post

What Is A Blog Post

If you are not familiar with the concept of Posts, think of them as news articles. When you go to a website and read an article that you find on that site, you are most likely reading a Post. Blogs, news websites and social media sites are the most common examples of sites that are […]