In the world of websites and search engine optimisation, ‘juice’ means good. A website that looks and functions well, and is set up to rank well in Google searches, is said to have a lot of juice.

We are a small crew of fairly relaxed people who love the tropics – the beach towns north and south of Cairns and the wonderful hinterland running from the Daintree down towards Mission Beach. It really is paradise up here.

We all have some sort of technology background, but most importantly we all love to build websites for people.

There’s nothing better than helping a small business get online. It’s a great feeling when we show people their new website and they are over the moon because it looks great and it didn’t cost them a small fortune.

You will have gathered from the rest of this site that we like to keep things simple. We know what we know and we only take on jobs that fall well within our capabilities. That’s less stress for both you and us and to work any other way would not be right up here in paradise.