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How We Work

In line with our Straight Up approach we thought some detail about the way we go about building you a website would be a good thing. Everyone likes a bit of transparency.

Platform: We use the WordPress open source platform for the websites we build. About 1 in 4 of all websites in the world are built on WordPress. It’s extremely stable, very simple to use, constantly updated and has a rich eco system of plugin (app) developers that let you add functionality in the future if you need to.

Themes: We use premium WordPress themes that allow us to get websites live quickly, plus give us the flexibility to tailor the design somewhat to your needs. All the themes we use are ‘responsive’, meaning they are designed to display properly on desktop PC’s, laptops, smart phones and tablets. Our projects give you an idea of the final product.

Training: During our handover session we will show you how to manage your website independently – amend text, change prices, add specials, upload photos, add blog posts, even add new pages and move menu items. We never want to speak to you again once we’re finished, unless we bump into you having an early morning coffee.

Social Media: It’s important to have a good social media presence these days. Our websites all have the relevant Follow and Share buttons for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and any other social media platforms you use.

URL and Hosting: We have no affiliations with domain name and hosting providers but can advise you on what you require.

Contact: Initial inquiries must be via our contact form. We will almost always get back to you within a few hours of your inquiry but occasionally we might be fishing, at the top of Mt Sorrow, or up the Cape and not get back to you until the next day. Once we start a job the communication flows are good.

When you go ahead we will send you a step by step plan of what’s going to happen.