Premium Themes

WordPress themes are essentially pre-designed website frameworks that require less development and configuration than starting from scratch each time you build a new website. It’s kind of like buying the frame of a house and having it dropped onto your block of land. The structure is there, you just need to apply the finishing layers, pick the colours you want, the type of roof and so on. Actually, that analogy is a bit misleading. It’s extremely easy to create new pages and posts with these website themes, so, with the analogy, you can change the floor plan of the house, even after it’s been delivered. Just didn’t want you to get the wrong idea :).

There are many standard themes for WordPress that are available totally free and in some cases these themes can be very, very good. On the other hand, Premium WordPress themes are not free. They have design features and functionality of an advanced level that make them worth paying for. We provide you with a Premium theme completely free (well, included in the price, not extra).

Using a premium theme to build your website makes an enormous amount of sense. Consider these benefits:

  • FAST: Your website is up and running extremely quickly so you can spend more time fine tuning important content about your products or services, content that will help make your business successful.
  • AFFORDABLE: We configure your website to your specific needs, but we don’t need to hand code the entire project. Hourly consulting rates can be high. Fast means Affordable.
  • FUTURE PROOF: The themes we use are updated to stay compatible with new WordPress releases. One click updates are a breeze. Custom websites on the other hand will require custom upgrading at some point, meaning your choices are to pay for an upgrade or let your website become a legacy system.
  • FUNCTIONAL: Custom website coders will often poo-poo themes as bland and common. We disagree. The premium themes available these days are rich in functionality, exciting in design and make use of the latest HTML services to create top shelf websites.
  • MANAGEABLE: Want to change text, amend prices, add new products or services, upload new images, add a page, extent your contact or booking form, change the order of items on your menus, change your contact phone number? Easy, you just login and make the changes. Using WordPress and a premium theme is much like using MS Word or Excel, or modifying the settings on your phone. What does that mean? Not only are changes FAST and FREE (well, the cost of your time), you are in control. You know the changes have been made and you can move on to other things.

We have unlimited access to WordPress themes from several premium providers.