How To Use WordPress Widgets

The Importance of WordPress Widgets

Widgets are like moveable blocks that can be placed in various parts of your website to add custom content or functionality. They were created to give website owners some flexibility to tailor their sites to their specific needs.

Access the widgets page in Appearance>Widgets. (Note that this is the only place in your website that you can access and use widgets).

Things to know about WordPress Widgets:

  • Widgets are found down the left hand side of the widgets page where you will see two or three columns of named boxes such as Archives, Calendar, Categories, Custom Menu, Meta, Pages and so on. These are the widgets.
  • On the right hand side of the widgets page you will see boxes with drop down arrows. These correspond to areas of the website that are ‘widget-ready’ and capable of displaying widgets. The most common areas to display widgets include the sidebars of Posts and Pages and the Footer area of the website. These are standard WordPress widget areas.
  • To put a widget into a widget area simply drag the widget across to the widget area you want to use. You will normally need to configure the widget by adding text, selecting from drop down options and modifying colour or images. The widget will open when you place it into a widget area and the things that need your input will be displayed.
  • Themes often add additional widget areas to the standard WordPress widget areas. The most common of these is the Home Page (some themes populate the entire front page through the use of widgets). You might also find widget areas for special theme related pages such as Products, Tours, Projects and so on.

TIP: The widgets and widget areas you see on the widget page are what you have to work with. You can’t create new widgets or widget areas.

  • Many plugins create widgets to display the plugin information. After loading the plugin you will see that there is a new widget available in your widget page. It will normally have the same name as the plugin. For example, the are many Social Media plugins. After adding your social media information to the plugin you will be directed to display the Share and Follow buttons (for example) through the use of that plugins widget. Drag the social media widget to a sidebar or some other widget area (or multiple areas) to display the buttons.

TIP: Change the order in which widgets are displayed by simply dragging the widget to the position you want.

  • When you modify a widget, by adding text or selecting from drop down lists for example, you will need to Save those modifications. This is done within the widget. However there is no Save option for the widgets page. When you update and save a widget the changes are displayed on your website immediately. There is no Save button on the widgets page.

Spend some time getting to know what widgets you have available to you and where you can use them on your website. You might be surprised and delighted by what you can do with them.

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