Black Sapote

What We Charge

There are expensive website consultants out there and free or cheap web-based DIY services. Consultants tend to do a lot of analysis and make websites that can be a bit complicated to manage by yourself (and to be fair, if you need a complex website they are the right people to talk to).

The DIY services are often restrictive or inflexible and are designed to get you into paid monthly plans. Limited storage for example. If your website is important to your business you will almost certainly end up on a monthly payment plan. That will cost you a lot over time and you will still not have the flexibility and support you get with a bespoke website.

Tropical Juice sits somewhere in the middle and we like to think you get the best of both worlds – great value and a great website.

We have two prices (no on-going fees):

$500. This includes everything except a shopping cart.
$800. The lot.

What is included:

  • Configure the domain name to point to your hosting
  • Load the WordPress platform into your hosting
  • Set up as many email addresses as you want
  • Load and configure a premium website theme that we provide
  • Build the website with a reasonable number of standard pages and example text and images
  • Set up Google Analytics for visitor tracking and analysis
  • Set up Google Webmaster tools and submit a sitemap for Google verification
  • Add SEO description and title tag for the home page and configure SEO plugin
  • Install essential plugins including anti-spam, contact form, SEO, sitemap, backup
  • Configure a booking or contact form
  • Install and configure the WooCommerce shopping cart (The Lot only)
  • Handover training (by phone)
  • GST

What isn’t included:

  • Purchase of Themes. We have unlimited access to dozens of premium themes so you get one of these as part of the deal. However if you find a specific theme that you want to use that costs money, you will have to make that purchase. Most themes are around $50 so it’s not a huge expense if the theme offers specific benefits.
  • Text and Images. We do put up example text and images because it guides you when it’s your turn. If you provide us with text and images at the start of the process we’re happy to use that instead, in which case you’re done and dusted.
  • Ongoing support. As a potential new customer this doesn’t sound good. All we can say is that we leave you with the ability to manage the website yourself and have many happy customers who do just that. In fact sometimes we call them just to check they’re okay. If you do have an issue we’re not going to ignore you, but we specifically don’t want customers who are going to rely on us for support.
  • Hosting and Domain Name purchase.
  • Physical Meetings. We don’t do meetings, unless you’re at the Court House or somewhere similar. Okay, if we’re just around the corner no problem, but it’s a digital world and we like to work like that. Plus we travel. Plus we don’t particularly like shaving and wearing nice looking business attire that needs ironing.

Why Are We So Cheap

Normally you get what you pay for. Cheap = Crappy. Luckily our work is on public display so there’s no trying to fudge things.

We think there are three main reasons we cost so much less than some of the other website builders around Cairns:

  1. We don’t do custom websites that require lots of coding. We use premium themes that are very quick to get live.
  2. We have very few overheads. We don’t have an office, a secretary, or anything really other than our PC’s.
  3. We’re not greedy. It’s a bit corny, but the greatest thrill for us is a really, really happy customer.